The conditions of return of goods

Parts4ATV is not a manufacturer of the goods sold and is not an authorized dealer. All goods on our website are delivered under the order of the client proceeding from it it it is not possible to find other buyer for spare parts, and, therefore, goods are not subject to return or an exchange. Therefore, we do not accept the goods that you do not like or you bought it by mistake or the parts missing the necessary marking or you do not become obsolete appearance of the goods. To do this, before sending you we take pictures of the goods to us there were no claims on Your part. We give you the postal address and all necessary data for communication with the manufacturer from which you have the right to charge all your costs for the purchase and delivery of the goods to you. All this information is in the user agreement so keep this in mind when you make and pay for the goods. Check all the information or contact our managers for full details. But if you still purchased the wrong product or the goods are not of good quality, then fill out the RETURN form, and we will help you in this matter.

From all of the above and the above we conclude that you need to be sure that it is this spare part you need.

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